Like I Care!

A musical for Middle School Performers and Audiences.

Book, Music & Lyrics by Lisa DeSpain

Book & Lyrics by Sara Wordsworth (FROZEN Jr., IN TRANSIT)

Addresses topics bullying, false celebrity, and the value of true friendship.

Spring 2020 Production at Ira Jones Middle School, Plainfield, IL



(Tale of a Middle School Scrooge)

Based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Like I Care! tells the story of Ebby, a middle school bully who will stop at nothing to win "Internet Sensation Showdown" and become a reality star, including bullying her former B.F.F., Roberta Crawford and sabotaging Roberta's charity walk.

Ebby's mentor, teen celebrity Marley, returns to warn Ebby that being famous isn't the answer to happiness. As they are swarmed by a roving pack of paparazzi, Ebby is struck on the head by a camera and passes out. In her stupor, Ebby is visited by three spirits; The Ghost of Elementary School Past/Ms. Shiu (everyone's favorite fifth grade school teacher,) The Ghost of Middle School Present/Lorainne the Lunch Lady, and The Ghost of High School Future/Priscilla the Security Guard who take Ebby on a journey where she learns the value of kindness, charity, and the true value of friendship. 


Photo by milicad/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by milicad/iStock / Getty Images

LIKE I Care!

Ebby discovers that Roberta is holding a charity walk at the exact same time as Ebby's "Internet Sensation Showdown Live Stream Audition." Ebby bullies  Roberta and then uses her social media skills to sabotage Roberta's event.


Teen celebrity Marley (and Ebby's mentor) arrives to warn Ebby that they were wrong in thinking that being famous would bring them happiness. Marley pleads for Ebby to change her ways before it's too late. 



Ebby visits her past. She watches and remembers.Young Roberta finds Young Ebby, her B.F.F. crying. Ebby's mother cancelled their mommy/daughter dinner date because of work obligations. Young Roberta tries to cheer up Young Ebby by inviting her over for an evening of lasagne and Twister. She also reminds Young Ebby that they are more than just B.F.F.s.